Boost your kids confidence in the water! 

Boost your child imagination and creativity!


45min and 1h30 snorkeling trips
You already know how to use fins, a mono fin or a mermaid tail. We, mermaids, will take you to Anguilla's best  snorkeling places to enjoy the  beauty of our oceans. We may see  turtles hiding in sea fathers, spotted  eagle rays eating in grass and sandy patches, spiny lobsters, Anguilla's "crayfish" and much more!

Have a mermaid party at your swimming pool or at the beach. We provide you with 7 mermaid tails for an hour or more. You'll learn to use the tail, swim, play in the water and pose. Photos and videos can be done  individually and/or within a group.

Mermaid Training & Adventures ~ Driftshells Jewelry Line

Live the dream, do the sport, be the magic in your life!


45 min in pools
Move your fins to the right, move your fins to the left!
Try to keep that mermaid fin out of  water!

Make strong muscles and a flat belly! Hang up side down in the water. Learn the dolphin swim. Have fun while exercising!



for Kids & Adults 

"My kids have been talking about it for months, the highlight of their holidays!" 


Mermaid workshop

   COMING EVENTS in Anguilla

"The best day my life! I have always been a mermaid!" 

1h and 2h workshops
Mermaid jewelry
Mermaid makeup & body paint
Mermaid hair style & accessories
Mermaid driftwood painting
Sand mermaid
Seafood cooking classes
Mermaid breathing and meditation

Oct 6-12th/14th  - March 12-18th/20th Full on laughter for 6/8 days to  become a certified mermaid!  Workshops: To create your own mermaid style; healthy delicious food, cooking classes for lunch; more  fun on deserted islands; dancing; performing a mermaid show... All this will bring your inner light out! Fit, strong and with a bright splashy future, you'll for sure come back home a new person, a new mermaid!​


Hire a Mermaid 

Traveling Mermaid 

We speak English and French

Please excuse my Frenglish! 

Mermaid Fitness



Check out our diverse courses to become a Certified Mermaid and professional Mermaid in 3 courses!

Try something new and sign up to be a Show Mermaid for parties and aquariums. 
Make a living at being a Mermaid Instructor teaching other Mermaids- fitness, about photo shoots, video shoots,   snorkeling and more ... with fun and safety in mind!


Mermaid School International is based in Anguilla most of the year. In the summer we travel to the Hamptons, NY, and in St Tropez, France. Call us wherever you are in the world for your mermaid needs.

World wide mermaids and other schools may come to visit for special events, student exchange and mermaid retreats.

All merpeople are always welcome to share a wonderful mertime!

Mermaid Experience

1/2h and 1h sessions.
Slip in the mermaid tail, immerse  yourself in a swimming pool or a  quiet sea. Float, smile, pose and  get 2 nice edited photos. Need a little mermaid make up and accessories? We'll help you  too! You can wear your mask or goggles. Don't want to be in the water? We will make it fun for you!

Mermaid School International Mermaid Classes Experiences Photos Parties Fitness Snorkeling Videos Retreats in Anguilla and where you are 

1/2h, 1h, 1/2 day sessions
Out and/or in water, pools or sea.
Slip in a mermaid tail & accessories,
pose or swim in different sceneries with different looks for a portfolio. We can do the makeup. Show the world what a beautiful and inspiring  mermaid  you are!

1h, 2h, 1/2 & full day

Hire a beautiful mermaid for your event-a party, birthday, wedding..., to swim, splash and pose for your guests. Themes: Little mermaid, Tribal, Fluo, Zen mermaids.   

Advertise for your business: live, on the net or a brochure that we can make for you.