Anguilla, in The Caribbean is a magic place where blue pristine sea is standard, where mermaids & mermen live happily.

Come and join the fun!

This was the only ad I ever published, I was 22, already a scuba diving and snorkeling instructor, and was called a mermaid for years by all types of different people. It sais:


Well, that opened the door of underwater modeling based in Thailand and called in different countries too.

The picture was taken in Glover reef, Belize, where I officially named the island Manta Key. Amazing coral reefs and profusion of fishes.

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Who is Estelle Arlaud "The Mermaid Chef"

Born in Lyon, France and raised on the azure Mediterranean coast of St. Tropez where at the age of 3, she learned to swim alone with arm floats while her mother enjoyed the beach, Estelle quickly fell in love with the ocean. At the age of 10, she made and sold jewelry to earn enough money to buy her first mask, snorkel and fins.

 When she was 13, her mother decided to relocate in the Caribbean, on the tiny island of St. Martin in the French West Indies.  There she immediately joined a team of professional spear fishermen and for several years, she was diving in depths of 70 feet for 6 hours a day with them with only a mask, snorkel and fins.
They began to call her a mermaid.

 Wanting to go deeper and explore the wonders of the sea, at the age of 15, Estelle skipped school one day to have her first scuba diving experience. The dive instructor showed her the gear, helped her to put it on and explained how it worked. He told her to return when she ran out of oxygen. She was a natural!

At the same time, Estelle was developing her culinary talents and began to work as a part time cook in her mother’s restaurant.

Five years later, at the age of 20, Estelle received her SSI scuba diving instructor certification in Texas. She excelled in underwater modeling, and established the specialty course.

Her travels took her to Belize, where she worked on a miniature island that she officially named “Manta Key” on Glover’s reef.

 In her early 20s she secured work on the first charter of tax-free fleets that arrived in St. Martin from France. She worked as a cook, hostess and snorkel guide. By the time she was 23, she had sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a 72’ sloop twice. During each transatlantic crossing, she was overjoyed to swim with whales. The first whale encounter she had was with a blue whale and then she had the opportunity to swim with 7 pilot whales. She was mesmerized by their soft eyes and she felt the motherland of the world deep within them. Her co-workers began to call her a mermaid.

 Before she turned 24, Estelle was hired to work as an underwater model and scuba diving instructor in Thailand. Her and her crew was awarded the prestigious prize of “La Belle Bleu” at “Le Festival International d’Images Sous Marines” in Antibes, France, for their artistic rendition of a short film entitled “Le Bal des Bulles”.

Following this experience, Estelle was sought after as an underwater model and was featured in scuba diving magazines and worked with the well known photographer and French television host Francis Leguen. She travelled the world and did underwater mermaid photo shoots in Thailand, the Maldives, Indonesia and Corsica, Spain and all over the Caribbean.

Estelle then travelled and lived in the Hampi caves, near Goa for 3 years where she met the father of her daughter who was born in Western Australia. Afterwards, they travelled to Israel and she updated her scuba certification at the Red Sea and worked as a dive instructor in Eilat at the Dolphin Reef.

 Throughout it all, Estelle was passionate about food and a highly sought after private chef, which led to an opportunity to travel once again. This time, she moved to the Hamptons in New York where she was hired as an Executive Chef at the exclusive golf club, The Bridge. There she wrote her first book “The Mermaid Chef - How to give the Party of your Dreams” about cocktail parties, the sea and mermaids.

Low season in the Hamptons was high season in the Caribbean and she was offered employment on the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean as an executive chef in private villas and five star hotels there, travelling back and forth between the Hamptons and the Caribbean for several years.

In 2014, she began to focus all her energy on manifesting her life-long dream to own and operate a Mermaid School. She ordered her first mermaid tail and her dream is quickly becoming a reality! Through her recently established Mermaid School International, she offers Caribbean retreats, instructor certification and an authentic mermaid experience for those seeking the pleasure of awakening their own inner mermaid. 

You learn and you love it!

​​​Mermaid School International is here to help you realize your dreams of being a mermaid for an hour and for life! 

Have a Mermaid Experience or become certified as a Professional Mermaid, or sign up for all levels to become a Mermaid Instructor and/or a Show Mermaid.

If you are already a mermaid/merman: Get certified with us. We are located on Anguilla Island; a pristine, magical coral island with beautiful beaches. It's a truly unique  blue color in our sea, maybe because we are located at the furthest corner of the Caribbean Islands out in the Atlantic Ocean, where wales pass by with their babies. At the time of the Tainos Indians, Anguilla was called "Maliouhana" the Holly Land of the Caribbean. Beautiful smiling people were, and are now, on our beloved island.

You can find us at theViceroy Hotel, located within the Kids Club. We offer Resort Certifications too for kids and adults (4 classes) or get Basic Level 1 Ariel, Level 2 Marina and Master Mermaid Level 3 Splash (7 classes each minimum). 

Classes are held at Le Bar on Sandy Ground, and on beautiful beaches like Rendez Vous Bay, Katouche, Crocus and Meads Bay in Turtle Cove. Photo Shoots take place along our breathtaking sandy beaches, in our crystal clear sea, along colorful coral reefs and soothing calm waters.

Call ahead for class schedules, or meet us for a group lesson or to book private classes.

Mermaid School International Travels! To the nearby islands of St Martin and St Barth and we hold classes in the Hamptons, NY in the summer. We can educate and entertain anywhere in the world! Give us a call/email for more information regarding a Mermaid party, class, certification or portfolio.   Hire a mermaid for your event.