July 2016 Mermaid Summer Camp Anguilla 

What else to know?

-What to Bring:

Water, drinks, 2 snacks and lunch for full days, or a snack for half days, a mask, towel, sun screen and a hat.


It will be on the beach and by a garden under trees in Sandy Ground, between Sand Bar and Dolce Vita for 4 days. One day will be at Katouche Bay, where there are plenty of trees to give us shade, coral gardens for the snorkeling and a hike to North Hill and back passing by the huge citrine rock. 

-Mermaid Kids Club:

The child will become part of the Axa Mermaid Club, then he/she can continue mermaiding every Tuesday afternoons after school, if possible.


will be taken on the first day of camp, when you pick up your child at noon/1pm or 5pm. Check will be made to Estelle Arlaud or cash.

-Mermaid Tails:

It is better that the child has its own mermaid tail, we have a few for sale and Gadget City has some too. If we lend a tail and it will get damaged, a fee will be asked, depending on the damage from $25 for minor damage; and  $110 for majore damage (you ll keep the tail).

-Mermaid Sea Ballet:
They will learn a little mermaid sea ballet that you will be able to see at the end of the camp, on Friday at 4pm.

- Let us know anything special about the child that we should know, health...?

Their will be a waiver to sign*.

*If you ld like her to join, it would be wise to book soon as not too many space available. 

Thank you and see you at the beach! 

* Waiver and signing sheet, to fill on first day of camp, when you bring the child

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