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 Anguilla Five Stars Island. Friendly, happy, clean.A mermaid paradise! GET CERTIFIED!

Teaching while everyone is having a great time 

Mermaid RETREATS & ADVENTURES Mermaid School Classes Experiences Photos Camps Parties Fitness in Anguilla and where You are.

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Swim gracefully, skillfully in harmony with other mermaids and the ocean. Practice makes perfect!

Believe in yourself

Our Mermaid Master, Jasmin and I, Estelle, will teach you all you need to know to become great mermaids and mermaid teachers. So Let all the troubles at home and join the mermaid fun, for a happy free life!

Beginners    Oct 6-12th

Professional Oct 6-14th

Welcome or Welcome back to the Mermaid World!

May you become the most beautiful mermaid  or merman,​

 best instructor,

a joyful and most graceful mermaid  swimmer! 

Learn to be a real mermaid to make shows all over the world in oceans,  aquariums and pools...

A professional mermaid that can teach mermaiding all around the world, even open a Mermaid School International Branch... 

Bring the dream alive in you and in your life.                                   Join the world mermaid pod!

Create Your Own Mermaid Style! Make up and accessories like shell bras, jewelries for head, neck, arms, waist, ankels. Customize your tail too. Let your imagination lose...

Learning to take the best videos of the kids while they are in action

Imagine being a Master Mermaid or a Mermaid Instructor in a Five Stars Hotel in the Tropics...

Imagine yourself in paradise, with a mermaid tail on, plunging into the sea of love, into the shades of blue, coming out a professional mermaid and life perspectives! Life is good ...

Pristine Beginner Mermaid Retreat, free afternoons. October 6th -12th  

Advanced Professional  Mermaid Retreat October 6th to 14th

​​Get certified Level 1 "Ariel" & Level 2 "Marina" & "Master Mermaid". If you are already a "sea teacher" (swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling) for the same price you 'll get your Mermaid Instructor Training & Certification! 

Mornings & 4 afternoon classes, Mermaid workshops: make up, hair style, accessories, photo poses, Deserted island exploration, Boat trips, Local dancing, Healthy eating, Happy fitness, Ocean pollution awareness & environment cleaning, Synchronise swimming for show, Sunset Meditation, Great Anguilla villas on the cliff and all the way down to the beach, amazing view... Unforgettable time! And you'll become a professional mermaid that can work all around the world! Happy bubbles! 

Have mermaid friends like you, who live their lives freely & happily, in love  with all ocean creatures

Anguilla Island is luxury island, with five stars hotels, higher standard villas, great restaurants and an international airport for private jets and local airlines. The holidays of the rich and famous who want to be quiet or to be with family. It is expensive to take a holiday here. But by joining our Mermaid Retreat, you will pay less than anywhere else on island. Breakfasts and Lunches are included, so you can enjoy the island life and discover Anguilla's night life. The local villas are clean and nice on a cliff by our little rain forest, cute beach with very nice snorkeling. You ll get certified as a real mermaids. Two half days at sea, on deserted islands (Sandy Island and Scrub or Prikly Pear Island), material for the workshops (you may bring extra pieces that you like too). We ll come to pick you up from the ferry, if some of you may want to rent a car too (get together to rent a car) and follow us to the villas. 

Prices for Beginner Retreat    -   2 bedrooms villas   -   Prices for Professional Retreat

2 per bedroom  ..... $1800                                            2 per bedroom  ..... $2400 

1 per bedroom  ..... $2300                                            1 per bedroom  ..... $2900

Get certified Level 1 "Ariel" & Level 2 "Coralita". Morning classes, Mermaid workshops TO CREATE YOUR OWN MERMAID STYLE, Deserted island exploration, Boat trip, Local dancing, Healthy eating, Happy fitness, Ocean pollution awareness & environment cleaning, Synchronised swimming for MERMAID BALLET, Meditation, Great Anguilla villas on the cliff going down to the beach, amazing view... Unforgettable time!