DriftShells Mermaid Jewelry & Accessory 

We do not buy shells! Why? Because nice shinny shells from stores have been killed and the coral reef around have suffered too! So we collect drift shells that mother nature gives us. They aren't perfect, not too shinny or colorful in most cases but they are our heritage, a legacy, a present from the oceans to us. With love we make beautiful natural jewelry and accessories for mermaids and people : )

Buy your Mermaid Souvenir after your Mermaid Experience. Forever in your heart! ❤❤❤ 

Live the Dream 

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My Little book! The Mermaid Chef

Yes I am The Mermaid Chef! A chef since I was 18 years old (and a cook since much younger!) as well as a mermaid since 13 years old. So I wrote that little book "The Mermaid Chef - How to give the party of your dreams" in 2011, when I was the executive chef of a high end golf club in the Hamptons about cocktail parties and the sea, mermaids, with positive quotes. It s a nice little book that can teach you to give the best parties and make you dream about becoming a mermaid. I was inspired by angels when I wrote it : ) Enjoy it my mermaid friends! 


Mermaid tops and Jewelry

I personally make all the mermaid tops and jewelry. 

Mermaid tops are hand painted, with sparkles and pearls glued on, the base is hard or soft plastic. $65 

Jewelry have silver mermaid and sea animals pendants, and driftshells picked up on the beach (not alive). Different color and material strings.

​Prices from $15 to $75 

*Shell bought in store have been killed with its coral reef  or part of it!

Where to get a Mermaid Tail 

The2tails.com  (usa) is where I get mine, they are simple and very efficient, use by "Le Cirque du Soleil" also, and many other professionals. I love their fluke shape. They come in many colors. Made of 4 way stretch nylon spandex mix. 

Coupon code 10% off!  MSI10% 


creationetventequeue.sitew.fr (France)

I love this creative mermaid tail maker in France. Affordable silicone tails too. 

Head Mermaid Crown and Staff by "DriftShells Mermaids", Estelle Arlaud, The Mermaid Chef, founder of Mermaid School International

DriftShells Mermaid Jewelry & Accessory 

Mermaid Shell Tops, Accessories and Jewelries are made at our Mermaid Center in Anguilla with local  drift shells

DriftShells Mermaid Octopus Garden Neckless for sale at Sea Spray Boutique ​handmade Souvenirs & Smoothies, above Sandy Ground, by the round about!